meet us

N Natural Hair Studio is a full service natural hair salon. We have the pleasure of playing in kinks, coils & curls all day long. All styles that we create are done on textured hair and promote an Afro-centered aesthetic. We pride ourselves in our quality of work and attention to timeliness. It is our sincere belief that you shouldn't have to spend all day doing your hair or worst in a salon. Our property is serving you in a timely manner that allows for you check off Hair on your to-do list.


about the owner

To have reached this part of the site you must really care. Most people just look at the styles and the prices. I'd like to personally welcome you to the digital world of my salon. Building this team and this salon has been a true labor of love. I loved doing hair from I was a little girl and it grew into an obsession. Upon graduating University of Maryland I walked across the stage 9 months pregnant. Being the daughter of Jamaican parents they weren't  too happy with me and my dad proceeded to tell me my life was over.

So I did what any sensible person would do. I realized that people will judge you no matter what choices you make so you might as well make the choices YOU want. I worked long hours as a natural hair stylist at another salon and saved up $30K in one year. That was the ground on which this studio was built. Our foundation has been laden with integrity, hard work and passion. Enjoy your visit. And if you don't, send me an email at See you at the studio. 

Oh, also... 

I absolutely LOVE doing hair. But as the salon grows so does my responsibilities so I'm seldom in the salon styling hair.