Welcome to The Natural Hair Nstitute where we believe your hair

care is just as important as your hairstyle.

It’s a booming industry and we’re teaching you how to enter. Learn about natural hair CARE through The Natural Hair Nstitute. Use this to transition professions and start a new chapter with our upcoming course. You’ll graduate with the necessary skills to build a career in the natural hair industry. At the Nstitute you’ll learn what’s NOT taught in cosmetology school and more.


Book an appt with one of our student stylists. Students enrolled in our professional program go through 4 month’s of theory and 4-6 month’s of practice. They have to compete 100 students before graduating. All student services are discounted and must be pre-paid.


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We offer monthly classes for clients looking to advance their at-home haircare. The purpose of these classes is to equip our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to care for their hair when away from N Natural Hair Studio. Most classes are for beginners and taught by graduates of the Nstitute. Some are occasionally taught by current students, and those are marketed as such.


 a class

Here at The Natural Hair Nstitute we have crafted a program to turn any novice into a professional natural hair stylist. Upon graduating this program you will not only understand how to care for natural [hair] but how to style it like a pro and how to provide impeccable service. Enrolled students receive our 200+ page textbook to go along with online modules to complete Part 1 of the course which is all theory. Upon completing the final Exam, students start Part 2 of the course - mastering hairstyling through servicing 100 clients at a discounted rate.


to our school

At The Natural Hair Nstitute we take natural hair to the next level. We create videos for our clients to get better with styling their hair at home and we hold in-house experiments. These experiments usually require a model to commit to 1-2 months of free services while having to take periodic pictures of the progression of various hair styles. We need models for both our videos and our experiments so if free hairstyles is your thing, you should sign up to be notified of when we need models.


 a model


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