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Who to Book for Your Marley Twist Appointment

Olympia defeats Marley Twist!

My favorite thing about working with and being around Olympia is how she always feeds me! Just kidding! Olympia is like one of our salon mothers. Always making sure we’re good as a team. Making sure we’ve eaten and had water because as stylist we tend to have the worst eating habits. I know some days I don’t eat until I get home in the evenings and barely have something to drink while I’m working because I’m that focused.

With Olympia previously working in a salon and having a background as a stylist, she had a lot of the basic styles down. On one of the first days of us working together I remember her saying she wanted to learn how to do Marleys in a more natural looking way. At the time she started her Marley twist with a braid. They are typically done in a way that makes it looks like you are actually growing that hair from your scalp.

Over the last few months Olympia put much of her focus on how to do flat twist with extensions and Marley twist.

Marley twist are a very popular protective style. They are achieved much like two strand twist using Marley braid hair, which very closely resembles natural hair textures, which gives this style a very natural look. (check out the pictures below). Marley twist, with consistent at home hair care, can last about two to six weeks. They can be worn down, up in a ponytail or bun, and even styled in an updo. Marley twist can be worn in any setting. They are perfect for a beach vacay, suitable for the work place and even a great protective style for little girls

Olympia wanted to be a pro at Marley Twist! We’re all about growth at N! So you know what we did! Our master stylist Dr. Carissa and myself held one on one trainings with Olympia, we had models and clients at discounted rates and she even did some practice on a mannequin in her down time. When Olympia first started doing Marley twist it would take her about 5 hours to complete. We taught her different braiding patterns to help increase her speed. She honestly enjoys Marleys so much now that she seems to get lost in the style.

Olympia has gotten her style time down from 5 hours to 3 and has mastered this style in a matter of 6 months!

Marley twist are very low maintenance protective style.

Here’s some tips on how to care for this style at home:

◦ Spray leave-in condition a minimum of three time a week.

◦ Lightly oil scalp

◦ Cover with a bonnet at night

My advice for remembering to moisturize is to maybe put your leave-in conditioner and oil next to your toothpaste and toothbrush…you won’t forget to brush your teeth will you??

If you’re about to book your next trip or really just need a break from doing your own hair or sitting in a salon chair, you really should be heading to or calling 301910HAIR….really what are you waiting for?!

See you in the studio!

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