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Why You NEED Corey To Slay Your Wash N Go

Hey Guys! It's Daneen. And for those that don't know me, I am the Salon Manager of our Downtown Silver Spring location and the author behind our blogs. Today, I just have one question -

Have You Met Corey?!

For the last 6 months I have had the pleasure of working closely with Corey. Corey came to N as a self-taught stylist, eager and ready to WORK!! Corey is a self proclaimed wash n go master. You ever wanted the perfect wash n go but they only last a day?? In Corey’s words “Come let me get you together!”

A Wash N Go is a style where your hair is shampooed, detangled and then manipulated with products such as, gels, creams and mousse to bring out your curl pattern. You can try a layering technique such as L.O.C.G. (leave-in, oil, cream and gel) to make sure that curls are evenly coated and protected from the root to the tip.

When Corey began at N he had his way of doing things and products that he swore by. We took some time to show him a more effective way of creating an amazing wash and go and introduced him to better products.

In the last few months, Corey has been working on perfecting his wash n go. Trying out different products on clients to find the perfect products for different textures. He’s tried products such as It’s Natural Honey Styling Foam, It’s Natural Coconut Milk Styling Foam, Alikay Natural’s Lemongrass Hold It Styling Gel and Super Twisting Butter, just to name a few.

Corey’s had models come in and experience his amazing shampoo and detangle. Once completed they head over to his chair, where the magic begins. For moisture Corey starts with Oyin Handmade’s Hair Dew and he will offer to oil your scalp (some clients do not like/want their scalps oiled) He then begins to apply his selected products in small sections, from root to end. He sometimes uses a special comb that, when passed through the small sections, it makes your curls pop a little more. Another method is to go through and spiral the hair with the fingers. Once Corey has completed this process throughout the entire head, he will then pull out a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to dry the style. Using the diffuser attachment helps dry and help hair achieve its maximum volume.

In trying to perfect his wash and go, Corey has requested his clients to send follow up pictures. The first pictures are sent 1 day after the initial appointment and then once more 3 days after the initial appointment. Doing this has helped Corey with seeing if his product choice on a certain hair texture works or if he should try something different.

Corey is very excited to have more clients come in for this style as it is his favorite to do on clients and himself. Have you seen his beautiful hair?! I suggest you come in to take a peak and let him slay your wash and go and give you some great at home, hair care tips. I’m not sure what you’re waiting for but you should be picking up your phone to book your next appointment with Corey! See you around the Studio.

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