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Winterize Your Hair- Locs

Guys, it was 39 degrees when I checked the weather this morning. The first thing I did was grab my satin-lined cap before leaving my home and weathering the cold.

Winter weather can be very harsh on locs. It can cause them to become dry and brittle and even crack the ends of your locs. I’m going to give you some tips to avoid all of that and to keep your locs moisturized during the winter months.

Moisturizing your locs is a quick and simple task. Finding a great leave in conditioner and oil is a great start. Every two to three days you should mist your scalp and locs and then follow up with a light oil to seal in moisture.

To protect your locs always cover your hair with a satin lined hat. If you do not have a satin lined hat, you could always cover your locs with a bonnet and then cover with your winter hat. Covering your hair with a hat with no satin will make your hair dry and potentially break off.

Below are some links to satin lined hats! Stay warm BsnZY1-JtFrBab1hk01eJ0wcmbXCJpkH6bRZKxP5kaAgAAEALw_wcB

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