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With over 81 years of collective experience (yes, you read that right!)The N Natural Hair Studio team is passionate about giving you an experience that empowers your spirit, beautifies your hair, and values your time. 

Team members have described working at N as a blessing, spirited, magical, innovative, purposeful, intentional, healing, confidence giving and joyous.

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"We use hair as a tool to empower women who come in our space, but most importantly to empower our own lives and power our livelihood"




I’m Angela Walker. I’m the founder of N Natural Hair Studio, it’s the second best thing I’ve ever done. My first son being the first. I have another son too but I have to wait for his personality to come in before I let you know where he falls in the line up. 


Welcome to our little corner of the world. Thank you for coming. I started this company when I was 23 years old. I saved up $30K in one year and opened the doors. My parents and boyfriend at the time thought I was crazy. The unrelenting hours I was working and me walking around in shoes that literally had holes at the bottom just wasn’t adding up. But when they came to my grand opening they almost all said “now I understand.”


We’re embarking on our second decade and I’m a very different person than when I first started. I’m more realistic, more calm and my patience is more enduring.


Maybe that’s the yogi in me. I’m an avid Bikram yoga practitioner. I practiced Bikram yoga 365 days in a row from June 2019 to June 2020, I may have kept the streak going had I not gotten pregnant. 

My life is comprised of my man, my business, my sons and my friends + family. And depending on the day someone different will be at the top of my list. 


This company has blossomed into a machine that serves 100’s of people a month and by the time you read this that may be thousands of people. I’m not in the salon much anymore as I realize I can service more people when I’m working on the business and not in the business. I have sacrificed the love of practicing my art for the love of serving others. And I’d like to graciously say “You’re welcome” and humbly say Thank You.


Thank you for allowing me to walk in my purpose. Thank you for supporting a salon that is extraordinary. Our team members work as a team. Without teamwork this team doesn’t work. (carissa said that)


Our team members get sick leave, paid vacation, support and by the time you read this health insurance and retirement. For the average business that’s typical for the salon world that’s VERY different. Thank you for supporting us as we turn our industry upside down and show that working together is not only better for the client but better for the individual. 


I hope to see you around during one of my occasional pop ins. But in the mean time if you want to hit me up just shoot me a text on my business line 301-755-7920.


Enjoy the site. And we hope to service you soon

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