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If you are creative and love writing, then you might be just who we are looking for. Combine that with having first-hand knowledge of the natural hair industry and you will be successful in the position!​


Your writing is needed!

If you just cringed at the grammatical error above you’re off to a great start! If you didn’t notice it, it’s best to keep scrolling.

We’re an innovative textured hair salon located in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area and we are over ChatGPT. We are seeking genuine, human creativity; someone special to put the spark back into our marketing and client communication.

Our ideal candidate will be local or have the ability to tune into our community vibe remotely. You must have some level of experience when it comes to natural hair and know what it means to read “Do it for the culture.”

Forget the resume! We’re not interested in your traditional resume or Instagram stalking. We’re seeking something different, your writing voice and witty banter.


Below is the avatar for two of our ideal clients.

  1. Kianna- black woman, 27-42, single, income $80K, masters degree, fashion-forward, into pampering herself, well read, goes to the gym, eats out 5 days a week, brunch on the weekend, currently online dating, travel is on the menu twice a year minimum, hip hop lover, sneakerhead, red bottoms, expensive perfumes

  2. Afiya- Black woman, 27 - 42, married w/ kids, combined household income of $150K, bachelors or PhD, stay-at-home mom, treats herself to two monthly pampering services hair + nails, neo-soul, loves to cook, grocery shops weekly, goes for runs, takes yoga when she can, prefers oils over perfumes, flats all day even…. Hiking shoes and clothes are forever in the category of comfortable

Understand THE Assignment:

Send an email to with this position in the subject. The body of the email should include a clever title and include 2 of the following writing samples. Be sure to find a way to interject some background info about yourself into the writing samples so we get a fun fact or two about you:

  • newsletter: We send out two newsletters to our 10K email listserv weekly. Please draft a newsletter that talks to them about our upcoming name change from N Natural Hair Studio to N The Clinic. We are moving into a more hospital-themed salon and want to introduce it to our clientele in a way that they will be excited about the changes and receptive to the new name.

  • Instagram caption: Write a caption about our hair loss specialists expanding their hours to include evenings.

  • Automated client Birthday text: we send out daily birthday text offering clients $25 or $50 off their next non-extensions and extensions service respectfully. We only have 300 characters to make an impression.

  • Automated client email: we want more clients to leave us positive reviews on Google and Yelp. Draft an email with a reasonable incentive to get them to do this.

This position pays $500 through a monthly stipend for 20-25 hours per month. The expected deliverables are as follows: 

  • 8-10 newsletters

  • Daily Instagram and TikTok captions

  • Copy for daily Instagram stories

  • Edit and refine:

    • Daily tips modified

    • Blogs x4

    • Carousels x4-7

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