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Don't Sweat Your Hair!

Hair can be a force to be reckoned with under normal circumstances but when you mix in working out and the do undoing powers of SWEAT, one might think the universe wants you to eat ice cream and cancel your Planet Fitness membership (your blood curdling screeches of pain whilst on the elliptical kept setting off the lunk alarm anyway). .

. I digress... bikini season is upon us and though body positivity tells us, pudge is in, there's nothing wrong with trying to be a little fitter and a little toner or working towards a healthier version of yourself. With great success comes great sacrifice, but if you follow these few tips, we can help to make sure that your great sacrifice is not your gorgeous hair. .


Ha, ha, ha, ha sprayin' alive, sprayin' alive! Spraying hair lightly with natural and essential oils post workout not only refreshes your hair and scalp but prevents fizz and adds a nice deodorizing fragrance in between shampoos. Your hair loves moisture and sweat has a way of being a parasitic leech that feasts on the hard achieved hydration your hair so desperately needs (dry hair makes us dramatic)! (.. .

. Sweat, made of mostly water and salt, is damaging to hair and can stunt growth! Always wear hair up and away from the face and neck and use a cloth headband or a headband made specifically for working out. Not only will you feel cooler but headbands soak up all of the harsh sweat and keep your hair and edges dry and protected. Not to mention, you'll look totally rad! (Disclaimer: rad may or may not be a good thing.) .

. The overall key to keeping your hair happy while getting your work out on is protecting your hair from the sweat and keeping it clean and hydrated. When it comes to shampooing, some aren't too sure the best time to bust suds. It truly depends on your hair, how much you sweat and how hard you go in the gym. It is recommended to shampoo your hair once a week up but as long as your scalp isn't itchy and your head doesn't smell like , we think you're good up to once a month. .

. We know losing weight and getting in shape can be a difficult thing to do, in the beginning... we hope these tips make the journey a little easier. Happy Sweating! 

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