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The 411 on Marley Twist!

Okay so allot of us get protective styles throughout the year. But sometimes we just don't know how to get the most out of the style. We're left wondering why our hair didn't last and why did we waste our money! Well you know what, its time for that to change. We are going to tell you the BEST way to take care of your Marley Twist! Keep Reading to get the Tea!

1. What’s the difference between Marley and Havana Twists?

They’re actually the same, people like to make trendy names for the same styles. However, there is Havana hair and Marley Hair.

2. What's the likelihood they’ll unravel over time?

We’ve never experienced unraveling problems.

3. Are there other types of hair for Marley twist?

Yes! Fun Fact, Bob Marley didn't want his name attached to 'Marley' hair so legally it can not be used. That is why other names such as; Afro twist braid, have come into play. They're all really the same.

4. Upkeep? What products I should use?

Use the moisturizer you usually use, only on your hair. Your twist will look dull if you put it on the synthetic hair. For the Marley Hair use water based products. Really light oils are okay, But to much oil and it will start to stink!

5. Upkeep of the scalp while in protective style.

You want to keep the scalp as clean as possible. Using Dry shampoo, witch hazel, and your normal hair oils should work great!

6. Can you wash your hair while they are in?

Yes, use a gentle shampoo, scrub your scalp and let the water run down the length of your Marley twist, rinse thoroughly.

7. How do you take them out safely?

There are TWO ways to take them out safely. You can either cut the ends or cut 2 inches down from where your hair ends then take them out. Or you can Saturate them with conditioner, that should make for easy slip out.

8. How to sleep on Marley twist? Use a huge Bonnet.

9. Need to keep them fresh while while working out? Use witch hazel and dr funk spray!

I hope you found these tips helpful! Peace & Shea Butter.

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