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On The Run Ticket Giveaway!


Ok, so to qualify for these tickets you have to... Hold up. Ima let you get back to those ticket giveaways but, Hi, I’m Angela Walker. If you’re a new client, welcome and if you’re a loyal N fam what’s poppin! I started N a little over 6 years ago and we’ve seen steady growth in our team, our clients and our community. What’s been pretty stagnant is my relationship with our clients. I’m still closest to the clients I serviced when I first opened and I only come out to show my face when necessary. But I’m all for progress so that’s about to change. I’m officially stepping out from behind the curtain to share more, to learn more about you and quite selfishly to make my life more interesting LOL. Most salon owners are stylists in their salon, well most of the Black salon owners I know. Upon opening I quickly realized that’s a surefire way to get loads of money and have zero time for personal growth or aid in the growth of your team. So a little over two years ago, I quit my day job (re: stopped styling hair) and promoted myself to brand manager out of need (not want.) I enjoyed doing hair and loved my clients but where I wanted to be was not where I needed to be.

The first month I stopped styling hair my salon revenue increased by $10K. Though I was making less my team members checks were larger and I had more time to make sure she business was running smoothly. Fast forward to today and it’s time for another change. Brand management can be boring, tedious and can make you socially awkward due do lack of human interaction. I miss salon conversations and knowing everyone who steps through the door so I’m gonna be around a lot more. If you’re interested in following me on social media I’m on instagram sharing more about my life and business (currently under the handle of @Angelagonesocial.) Click Here to follow me along for the journey.

I’m thinking of doing one free style a month with one lucky client. Let me know if you party people have any ideas on how I should incorporate myself back into the salon space that doesn’t involve styling hair regularly.


So about these tickets, go to and they’re giving these tickets away for as low as $200.

If your new to N, you’ll quickly find out we’re jokesters. Makes life more fun don't cha think?



We’ll holla at y’all next week See ya at the studio

PEACE LOVE, & Shea Butter!

The N Team 301-910-4247

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