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Wedding Hair: It's Not Just a Bride Thing. Why Grooms Need Hair Love, Too

Excuse us, Sir, with the glow, can we talk to you for a minute? You know wedding season is all year round, and we’re sliding in your DMs to tell you a secret: you matter, too! 

As the #1 natural hair salon in the DMV, our goal is to create a lasting and meaningful experience for everyone with textured hair, regardless of gender, beliefs or background. We want to build relationships, see your hair grow (team long hair, don’t care), and keep you looking so fly as often as possible. 

We also want you to know that hair care is self care. 

 There’s something about a Black man who invests in his physical, mental, financial and emotional well-being that is just chef’s kiss! And if you,that man, has recently gotten engaged, it’s time to go a step further down the aisle to Forever and discuss investing in a wedding hairstylist. 

And we have the right one for you. N Natural Hair Studio offers a wedding experience with our designated hairstylist, Carissa B, who’s been styling bridal crowns for over five years. But don’t worry, fellas, you’ll get to see her first groom styling real soon.

Now, we know what you’re thinking…

But Sis, isn’t a wedding hairstylist for the bride?

Traditionally speaking, yes. But in case you didn’t know, we’re textured hair radicalists at N. We’re putting our thing down, flipping and reversing it. While brides-to-be usually book our wedding experience, it isn’t solely for the ladies and their bridal parties. 

Grooms-to-be, if you can pre-order a PlayStation 6 or Madden 2025, you can invest in booking a wedding hairstylist for your big day. And here are a few reasons to tell Siri to set a reminder expeditiously:

You Don’t Need to Be Wedding Day Stressed 

From the moment you picked out a ring and proposed, you’ve probably felt the weight of wedding day decisions. The endless choices can be overwhelming, from color scheme to location to menu and guest list.

But deciding your wedding hair shouldn't be stressful if you’re a man with loose hair or locs. It should be night-out-with-the-guys fun. When you book a wedding hairstylist, you have the freedom to transform your hair into anything and remind yourself it’s your big day, too. 

Your wedding hairstylist will become your BFF in just one consultation. She’s going to keep it 100 and provide her professional opinion on what hairstyle best suits you, given your personality, wedding theme, destination, and wish list.

And if you’re the keep it simple type, a wedding hairstylist just asks that you:

  • Provide important wedding details

  • Share any hair inspiration or ideas

  • Determine your hair budget

  • Book your hair trial and give honest feedback

Voila. It’s easy as scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

You Deserve to Be Pampered, Too

Bachelor parties are cool, but have you ever experienced a luxurious hair spa day? Our natural hairstylists are committed to adequately caring for our clients’ crowns. A clarifying shampoo, deep condition, herbal rinse or loc detox, and style done with love is the next-level pampering that every groom-to-be deserves. 

A wedding hairstylist can perform their services at the salon or onsite, so the choice is yours. Whether you get your hair done the morning of the celebration or a day before, they should provide a relaxing experience that releases any wedding jitters and reminds you why your partner can’t wait to say “I do.”

Your Stylist Will Turn Your Vision into a Masterpiece

Investing in a wedding hairstylist means you’re investing in an artist. Wedding hairstylists can elevate the simplicity of a style and turn it into a wedding masterpiece. 

Is your wedding theme royalty? She can style your locs into a gorgeous bun. Are you going for a classic look? Watch her work those loose strands into two strands. Rocking an emerald suit and want a little subtlety to match? She’s breaking out the string. Have no idea what you want? A blank canvas is a hairstylist’s favorite motivation.

Natural hairstylists are visionaries known to create textured hair elegance for any occasion. Consider leveling up your wedding experience and booking a wedding hairstylist for your big day. Fellas, we know how you radiate with confidence when you’ve got a fresh hairdo, wardrobe and swag to match 😏 Don’t cheat yourself. Treat yourself this wedding season.

See you at the altar.

Schedule a wedding experience consultation at N Natural Hair Studio today!

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