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What Protective Styles to Avoid

Every protective style is not created equally. At N Natural Hair Studio we are HUGE fans of protective styles but we are not a fan of all protective styles. Most protective styles are awesome, we love performing them and they do wonders for our clients hair growth and hair health, but there are a few protective styles out there that we refuse to perform BECAUSE we care about our clients hair so much and we do not believe the techniques used to create these styles are the best practices for our clients or our reputation.

Please Note: The styles you are about to see are hella cute. DO NOT BE TEMPTED to get them. We are showing you the apple and telling you not to eat it AND why to avoid it. Don’t be Eve.

Faux Locs

This is not to get confused with the goddess locs we perform at N. The technique we use to install goddess locs was taught to us by the stylist who created them out of LA. The goddess locs we offer take 8-10 hours to install and are done using human hair.

The faux locs style we are referring to here is done using synthetic hair and is typically done in less than 5 hours. The technique that is done to create the hair usually leaves the hair tangled, dry and occasionally damaged.

Butterfly Twists

These twists are gorgeous. The only reason we don’t perform them is because we don’t subscribe to doing tight styles under any cost. The base of these twists is your hair pulled into a small rubber band before the hair is added to create the twist.

Protective Styles That Go Past Your Buttocks

Yasssssssss!! That’s what we say when we see them. And we may even have a desire to rock them ourselves, but every time you get an extension style that extends beyond your butt you’re taking a risk. We don’t care how much the stylist says the style will be lightweight, you are taking a risk. You’re risking that this style won’t be too heavy for your strands and pull your hair possibly leading to permanent damage, specifically when it comes to your edges.

Burnt Ends

We’re fans of the look but not the technique. This style is not necessarily a danger to your hair. It can be if the person who is installing them proceeds to burn along the braid itself as the hairs that are astray could be yours and not the extension hair, but mostly this style is a damage to other things. It can damage your clothes. The ends are rough and can snag whatever aspect of your outfit it comes in contact with. But we are mainly not fans of these styles for very selfish reasons… it hurts our fingers. Yes, some people know how to burn the ends and keep it moving but we were not built with these extraterrestrial finger tips that don’t get hot when fire touches them and that reason alone is enough for us to say, no thank you.

N Natural Hair Studio did NOT curate any of these styles. We do not own the rights to these images. This is the ONLY blog where we showcase others' work, simply for informational purposes.

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