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Join N Club 2.0

Our Newest Monthly Salon Membership


Imagine a world of textured haircare with unlimited salon visits for $250/month.

Any service. Any stylist. Any day of the week.

No annual contracts. No down payments. No worries.

Imagine a world of luxury haircare by the top natural hair salon in the DMV.

Welcome to the world 🌎 of N Club 2.0

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N Club 2.0 is the ultimate monthly salon membership, embracing consistency and eliminating the stress of proper haircare in the textured hair community.


No matter your lifestyle, prepare to level up your curls, kinks, and coils with your natural hair faves visit after visit. 


Join N Club 2.0 by Sunday, June 30, 2024, and enjoy a membership that delivers:

  • Unlimited salon visits each month

  • Your choice of any N service, including two-strand twists, loc and microloc grooming, cornrows and extensions, curly cuts, hair treatments, and more!

*Excludes microloc installation and take-down services

  • Bookings with your favorite Master, Experienced, and Junior N stylists (*based on availability)

  • Seamless monthly auto-pay

  • Hassle-free, no gimmicks agreement with any-time cancellation policy

  • The top-tier N salon experience you love and deserve 


Doors of N Club 2.0 Close on June 30

Stop wondering, “What will I do with my hair?” and ask, “What style will my crown slay next?” With N Club 2.0, once you get on the books, we’ll take care of the rest!

N Club 2.0 is a limited-time exclusive, and the club’s doors will close on Sunday, June 30. Starting July 1, we’ll be busy serving all the looks you can book in a month! So, don’t sleep on this offer.

Don’t know if N Club 2.0 is right for you? 

Text our Booking Concierge at 301-747-0387 to take advantage of a free virtual hair assessment on June 25 and find out if N Club 2.0 is the one for you.


Ready to join the hottest club in the DMV?

N  Club 2.0 1.png

The Original N Club

Don’t need more than one salon visit in a month? No worries, the original N Club is always available for $100/month. N Club is our basic salon membership that fits any budget, schedule, and lifestyle!

With the original N Club, members can enjoy:

  • One salon visit for $100/month

  • Two strand twists on loose hair

  • Palm-roll loc grooming 

  • Straight back cornrows on loose hair

  • Services provided by Junior stylists

  • Seamless auto-pay

  • Enroll and cancel anytime

Ready to start your N Club journey?

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