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The Story Behind The Shoot

For years I have heard the same complaints... natural hair takes too much time, natural hair is too expensive, my natural hair won’t behave. So… I set out to solve that problem, and in solving that problem, the N Club was created!

The N Club is the first natural hair salon service subscription. Every month members pay $50 and get a full service and hair treatment. For their style they choose from 3 stylist curated looks that are renewed and released every month.

My next task was to figure out how to send a clear message of what the N Club is all about. How do we show people who this club was created for?

And then our monthly photoshoots were born. Every month our photoshoots showcase the kind of woman this club is for. It’s for the busy business woman, the new mother, the college student, the house wife… it’s for any woman that has little time to waste, little money to spend or a combination of the two.

For our first shoot we commissioned Dayna Bolden to carry out the vision. I wanted to see fly business women, confident in who they were and unapologetic in their glory. I told her I wanted a backdrop that was the opposite of who these women were so they could stand out in their black and white suits. She created the team and found the location and thus came the photoshoot of all time!

Our models this month are Oluwatoyin, who is modeling the “Me” style for short hair. The medium length hair style called “Myself” is being modeled by Tobore . And Komilla is modeling the “I” hairstyle for long hair. On top of building the team, Dayna also styled the models. Our make-up was done by local blogger Ronke and our photographer was Arthur.

This shoot was a bit epic and we can’t wait to reveal to you the next N Club looks we have up our sleeves.

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