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Black love is intense.

It is triumphant.

It is refreshing, luminous, exciting and sensually wondrous.

Have you ever been in love? The feeling when that special person walks through the door. You've been waiting all day for them to appear and here they are; your heart in human form.

Black love is like a strong tether that emotionally and spiritually connects you to that person without pause or question. No matter how angry they make you, you'll still go out of your way and make them dinner. You'll still rub their temples if a headache appears. You'll still be there for them even if you're at odds.

That's what black love is about. Persevering through the obstacles and STILL being the person you promised to be when you decided to honor the love that you and your partner share. That's the true essence of what black love represents and that's what we will be honoring this April.

Love in Black. 

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