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Love Languages

Love is a form of communication and just like any other form of communication, it contains different languages. There are 5 love languages that help you communicate your love to your partner in a way that they, personally, can accept and comprehend.

Words of Affirmation

Encouragement can go a long way. For some, positive words and a kind gesture is all that's needed to feel loved and appreciated. This love language is one based on you affirming your feelings to your partner verbally. Something as simple as a heartfelt love note or a text thanking them for making dinner or doing the laundry is enough. The important part to remember is to be verbal and be honest with your feelings. 

Physical Touch

The love language of physical touch is not just limited to foreplay and sex. Those that speak this love language enjoy cuddling, holding hands, comforting touch and hugs. Touching is important because it aids in the release of hormones that create the feeling that is described as "love". This love language is non-verbal and requires continuous physical intimacy and affection.

Receiving Gifts

When discussing gift giving as a language of love, it can sound a little selfish but let's be clear, these gifts can be handmade and/or inexpensive. A small trinket that reminds your significant other of a special moment from the past is the perfect way to show you . The thought is what matters most. Be genuine and creative. Showing your partner that you pay attention to them and they're a priority. 

Quality Time

Time is one of the most valuable things on this planet, so where you spend it truly matters. This love language is special because it can be translated through any action or love language as long as quality time is spent. The best way to communicate this language is to make time for uninterrupted, one-on-one activities with you and your partner. Find something they enjoy and make time to do it together. 

Acts of Service

Take those honey-do lists seriously, guys! Fixing that broken chair or doing the dishes after dinner really shows your partner that you love them. It's not about making promises and not following through, you don't have to say anything. This love language is completely non-verbal, all you have to do is take action. Make them breakfast in bed and do the taxes, they'll appreciate you and feel heard and loved.

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