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Why do we trim hair in its textured state?

We know, not everyone does this. But we’re not everyone. We tell people all the time that our clients salon different and that’s exactly what we mean. Your salon experience is different at N.

As far a trims go. We don’t blow dry your hair to give you a trim. Quite frankly, we don’t think there’s ever a time it's absolutely necessary to blow dry your hair when getting a textured style. Now, if you typically wear your hair straight we advise that you go to a salon that blow dries your hair before trimming because that’s the state your hair is typically in. But if you typically wear your hair in its textured state then you should get it trimmed in its textured state.

Most people worry that too much hair will be cut off when its trimmed in its textured state, but when you’re working with professionals who only work with textured hair all day, you have nothing to worry about. We know that cutting off an inch of textured hair is equivalent to cutting off 2-3 inches depending on your curl pattern. We also know that the average trim for a natural looks like a light dusting. Dusting: a term that was created online describing how small the hairs look that fall to the ground after someone trims their hair in its natural state.

Wondering how much a trim costs at our salon?

Good question. Here at N we do our pricing based off of time. We encourage our clients to get a full service and add on a trim because you will sometimes end up paying the same price or just $5-$10 extra. For all services including trims we charge a certain price for the first hour and then $5 for each additional 15 minutes.

So your service will look like this (daydream with us a little):

It's an early Saturday morning after a long week at the office. You come into a beautiful space called N Natural Hair Studio and are greeted by either our shampoo belle for the day or a stylist. You are then guided into the shampoo room where your service begins. After your amazing shampoo and detangle you walk into the stylist room. Your stylist capes you and prepares to begin your service. As soon as she begins she starts your timer. She asses your hair and hands you the mirror to show you how much she suggests you trim off. If you aren't comfortable with her suggest you show her how much hair you are comfortable with her cutting and it becomes a trim done to your request (though we do strongly recommend you go with our suggestions.) Once your service is complete your stylist stops the timer and you will be brought to the foyer area to pay for your service. Depending on who your stylist is your service price can range from $60-95 for the first hour, after the first hour its $5 for each additional 15 minutes.

End daydream.

So if you have a stylist who’s $75 for the first hour and your trim takes 40 minutes you will still pay $75. This is why we encourage you to also get a style. Even if you ask for a quick style to close out your hour your stylist can use the remaining 20 minutes to give you a quick style. OR you can ask for a regular style that takes about an hour and pay for a service that’s 1 hour 40 minutes totaling $90. So for just $15 additional dollars you’ve got yourself a trim and a fancy hair style. BAM!

To book your appointment with us you can book online by clicking HERE or give us a call 301-910-4247.

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