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Last Week's Nsecure "Hella Great" Event was Hella Bomb!

Hella Great! Last Wednesday we had our second installment of the Nsecure event series and it was bomb! This week Dr. Afiya chatted with our attendees about their careers and work situations. She had them share what they wanted to be when they grew up, where they are now, and where they expect to go in the future. Y'all, it got real deep.

Questions like 'How does a race filled work environment affect you?' and 'Have you been a victim of co worker deflection?' were all posed to the ladies. Nothing was off limits! Missed it? Don't worry, you can watch the live streaming of it by clicking here.

This Wednesday at 8pm marks the last Nsecure segment. It is called 'Hella Perspective'! Tune in live on our Instagram or Facebook to be a part of this 'tell all' ladies night! Join the conversation!

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