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Join Our All Edges Matter Challenge!

Its a New Year and its time to get those edges in check! Join us this Sunday January 7th, 2018 as we kick off our 'All Edges Matter' Challenge!

We will have daily emails to your inbox, daily edge tips on instagram, suggested styles that keep your hair neat but also have little-to-no tension on your edges and we will have videos with experts! Yes, we are the experts but we want you to hear from others. We have a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist and a psychologist. All of whom will talk to you about different aspects of growing, maintaining and keeping your edges.

And one of the coolest aspects is that we will have three models with us through out the challenge. These models will get styled by us as well as follow a daily regimen for us to see if their is any progress with their edges. It’s gonna be lit!

So come on! Let us help you SLAY (not lay) your edges. Click HERE to register for free!

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