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$45 Student Services return!


If you’ve been to the studio lately you’ve seen our new quarterly newspaper. The Natural Hair Nstitute is not only back is back and hella fancy.

If you’re unfamiliar The Natural Hair Nstitute is a sister brand to N Natural Hair Studio who’s sole purpose is to educate, those who want to learn, on how to care for and style textured hair. We hold consumer classes (next one coming up in August) and professional classes. Our professional class is a program teaching you how to become a professional natural hair stylist. And here’s where you benefit.

After our students complete the 4 month theory portion of the program they begin their practicing hours which includes completing 100 clients. These future stylists have been studying natural hair and are trained by us, they just need some more practice. To be serviced by a student stylist it’s just $45 (must be pre-paid.) And for the first time ever we have student stylists AVAILABLE EVERYDAY. Call the salon to book your appointment today! (301) 910-4247


We’ll talk to you beautiful people soon.

See you in the studio

The N Team 301-910-4247

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