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New Class Dates Announced!


Firstly, thank you to all of Sunday’s attendees for purchasing all of the available tickets we had. We’re always happy to be apart of your at-home hair care journey.

For all of you who missed it don’t worry, be happy. Because we have a whole set of classes coming up Saturday, September 25th. These classes WILL NOT BE HELD AT THE STUDIO that day. Nah. On that day we’ll be taking up residency at this new swanky spot called The Hotel at UMD. It also just happens to be where Our 6th Annual Naturalista Hair Expo will be taking place.

So here’s the deal, you’ll need to purchase a ticket to the hair expo in order to take the hands on classes. BUT the ticket to the expo is only $19 and the hands on classes are only $10, so you’re getting The Naturalista Expo + a Hands On Class for less than the regular price of our hands on class.


The other treat we’re offering EXCLUSIVE to N Studio clients... For the first time ever you’ll be able to purchase your hands on tickets BEFORE the day of the show. We will be releasing a small amount of tickets before September 15th exclusively to N Studio clients. You’ll need to purchase a general admission ticket BEFORE you can purchase a hands on ticket.

Our advice to you... and we give VERY GOOD ADVICE... is to purchase your ticket today. You’ll reap the benefit of getting all the inside scoop on this year’s Expo before everyone else. You’ll be the cool kid and who doesn’t want to be that!


We’ll see you at the studio soon and we’ll see you at The Naturalista Expo in September!

The N Team


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