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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself



I’m Angela Walker, owner of N Natural Hair Studio. I haven’t worked full time in my salon for about 3 years now, but I’ll be back until January. I’m taking over our weekly emails for the next four weeks to introduce and re-introduce myself to all you lovely people. We’ve literally had thousands of clients since I was last in the salon full-time so I figure this time is good as any to allow for you to meet the face and personality behind the brand.


I started N in 2012. I was 23. I had graduated college and given birth less than two years prior to opening. Which translates into I was young, dumb and anxious to make a change in the world. In hindsight I opened N for a few reasons.

  1. I wanted to make sure I could spend ample time with my son and thought opening a business would eventually grant me that privilege. I proved this wrong in year 1 & 2 when I basically ended up living at my salon.

  2. I was no longer inspired at my previous salon and wanted to work in an environment that breathed sisterhood & team work. This I proved possible, but didn’t know how to do this and make the business profitable. LONG story, not enough time in this email to share.

  3. I was still filled with some of my black panther aspirations from college “Go Terps!” and felt dedicating my time to the positive image & self confidence of black women would eventually trickle down to a community filled with confident black Women, raising confident black children with confident black men. This I see happening, the debate about me being the catalyst is still out.

I’m silly. I’m serious. I can be a lot of fun if you catch me in the right mood. But mainly I’m passionate. I’m passionate about everything I do and everyone I let into my little circle. Ima holla at y’all next week where I’ll be sharing more of my life until then I’d like to invite you out to our first fashion show participation this Saturday.


Oh, and because I’m back in the salon our N Club Memberships have opened up. If you wanna give N Club a try...


Next week. Same place. Same time. I’ll meet you here on your inbox.

See you at the studio 301-910-4247

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