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Week Oct 8th Newsletter: Drop Your Jaw


And just like that it’s week 2 and I get to talk to you! If you’re just joining our newsletter— WELCOME. I’m Angela Walker, owner of N Natural Hair Studio , and I’m taking over our newsletters for the month of October. Today you get to delve deeper into the psychology of growing up in a Jamaican household and how it’s affecting your salon experience.


I’ve always loved hair. From when I was a little girl I’d choose my dolls based off of what hair they had. And when I grew up I never grew out of that love. Anyways, similar to African households Jamaican parents want their children to be doctors or lawyers, well mine did anyway. So you can imagine their disappointment when I told them “I think I want to do hair.” My mom told me I was “too smart” to do hair and like any child I’ve been on a mission to prove her wrong ever since. Because how can anyone be too smart for anything, if nothing else intelligence allots you the privilege to do anything you want.

I started N on a whim. I have a passion for black people, a passion for styling and showing the power of black women working collaboratively instead of competitively. I saw the potential of N, had a plan for execution and just did the damn thang with little goals other then to start. But as I have matured so has my vision and the goals I’ve set for my team.

I want us to thrive not just through our customer service and our bottom line but in the way and care that we handle business. I want us to be held to a standard of excellence that almost seems unreachable. And I want you, our clients’ to benefit from it all. So we’re looking to go far and beyond, we’re looking to be extra and it’s all for the sake of proving my mom wrong. JK. It’s proving to myself and others that being Natural hair stylists is not only a profession to be respected, but it’s one that is positively impacting our community.

This is a black woman owned business, that employs black women that serve black people. It’s bigger than hair we do this for the culture and it feels hella good.


Next week I’m sure I’ll be sharing some news about the salon. But just like a first date , I just wanted to spend sometime whicha and allow you to get to know me a little better.

It looks like we’re kinda booked up this week. So if you’re looking for an appointment give us a call today at 301-910-4247

I’ll talk to you all next week.


Thank you for supporting N, Angela Walker

The disobedient child enjoying styling hair despite her parents opposition who also happens to be Owner, N Natural Hair Studio

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