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The Benefits of Getting Crochet

Today we're going to discuss the benefits of getting crochet! Crochet has really picked up momentum within the last year. So many people are rocking cute crochet styles! We also know that allot of people have quite a few questions and concerns about actually getting crochet. So we are here to put all your worries and concerns to bed!

Benefit #1 It allows you to experiment with New Styles without worrying about your hair.

So many times we want to try new styles we have seen on others but we feel like our hair won't perform the same. Well with crochet you can try it ALL with no worries about your hair. Experimentation is FUN!

Benefit #2 It is a Protective style!

Of course we know there are so many protective styles but sometimes I'm sure you get a little bored with the styles you're always seeing. Crochet allows for your hair to remain protected all the while trying different looks!

Benefit #3 You can still MOISTURIZE your hair!

The struggle of getting to our scalps when we have certain protective styles in is a common issue with us all! With crochet you'll have no problem getting to that itch or tending to your scalp whenever you feel the need!

Benefit #4 Long Lasting Styles

Normally when we get our hair done in certain styles we're not actually expecting it to last very long. That can be super annoying! Having to redo your hair soon after getting it done SUCKS! Crochet styles last for up to 6 to 8 weeks! Bomb lifespan for a protective style!

Benefit #5 Minimal Tension

Now we all know we hate when our scalps hurt. Sleepless nights, Tylenol and water, it can really be a whole PROBLEM! Getting crochet eliminates that! It’s easy on the scalp and you can do whatever you want to do with it the first day! Now that’s what we call living your BEST life!

Benefit #6 Quick Install

Lastly it’s a really quick install. Say goodbye of sitting in a chair for 4 hours or more! Say goodbye to packing your lunch for a full day! Getting crochet is quick and easy!

We hope you feel like we shared some real gems with you! If you have any more questions OR you want to schedule your crochet appointment, click HERE and we will be happy to serve you!

Until next time, Stay Moisturized!

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