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What to Expect When Booking a Marley Service

Looking for a protective style that holds up a full 6- 8 weeks? How about one that is weather resistant enough to protect your hair in the summer and winter? Marley twists are exactly what you need. When you come to N for your Marley twists, your scalp will be thoroughly massaged and shampooed. Then, your strands will be detangled and your stylist will craft the marley look you desire (typically within 2-2.5 hours).

Here are the Do’s and Dont’s you should know when booking Marley twists with us:


  1. Know that a $50 deposit must be left before your appointment is confirmed. If you requested but haven’t left a deposit, you’re probably not confirmed.

  2. Have a full understanding of our pricing. Marley twists start at $150 for the first two hours of style time. There is an additional $25 for every half-hour of style time after two hours.

  3. Come with your hair free of any styles and pulled out (not too tangled)

  4. Bring the recommended hair to your appointment.

  • Recommended brands are Cuban Twist and Noir by Janet Collection

  • 6-8 packs are standard, but you can double check when booking.

  1. Send pictures of your desired style. This will help us determine how much time should be allotted for your appointment.


  1. Stray from the recommended brands without getting permission prior. We cannot guarantee our N quality with brands outside of the ones we recommend. We’ve tried many brands and from our experience, these produce the best marley twists.

  2. Assume there will be time for added services (blow-dries and trims). Book these prior!

  3. Forget to use a silk or satin scarf to maintain your look.

Now that you’re caught up on this trendy style, you can book with ease on our site or by giving us a call.

(301) 910 - 4247

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