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Week 23 Newsletter: That one time a client called me a B*?#%


First off, I feel last week’s email deserves an explanation. I thought we were such good friends. As if you can really get a feel for my whole personality in a few emails (yes right !). Last week I said “I got married over the weekend.” And boy did you all send me the congrats. I received text messages, emails and a few phone calls to the salon. Thank you. BUT I DID NOT GET MARRIED!!!! In the email it said “I woke up.” But maybe that subtle hint that it was a dream was too subtle. So this is me being very direct. Masego is not my husband. I am no one’s wife. He is an up and coming artists who’s music I have fallen in love with and you may too, CLICK HERE to take a listen.


In other news let’s talk about the time a client called me the B word. She didn’t say it out loud of course but let’s just say both her and I knew what she was saying in her head. And really it was all over a misunderstanding. I tend to offend, so she asked a question and instead of simply answering it, I laughed first. I know. That was hella rude. And that was many years ago. I was young. Dumb. And inexperienced.

The good news is that I’ve learned there’s a difference between what I find funny and what people intend to be funny. As my maturity level has grown so has my team and my business. Many of us have known each other for well over 3 years and we communicate well and have increased our quality of service.

When I first opened I never accepted tips, Hell I would still have that as a rule now if I could. But many times a leader must lead by following its tribe. And many of you as well as the N team had requested that rule be changed. Today, I’d like to invite you to give the whole team a fat tip. I’d like you to leave us a yelp review!

Often times yelp is filled with reviews by those who weren’t too pleased, which is understandable because they didn’t get what they expected. We let them down. And I’m kinda asking you to leave us a review for doing what we’re suppose to. Not because good work deserves recognition. Good work should be expected. I’m simply asking for the selfish reason of I really don’t like seeing N Natural Hair Studio rated a 3.5 star salon when I know we’re higher!

So holla at us on yelp and let potential clients know why you think we’re so cool. If you DONT think we’re cool holla at me personally and hit me up in my inbox at and let me know how we can improve.

Next week will mark the end of our month together with these newsletters. I feel like it zipped by almost as fast as 2018. I’ll talk to y’all next week. Leave us a review before we talk again though, LOL. <— that’s an appropriate time to laugh at my audacity for asking for positive yelp reviews!


Owner, N Natural Hair Studio

I’ll be sliding through your inbox for the last time Next Week!, Angela

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