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Boundaries as a Stylist in The Salon Environment

Hey Curlfriends. Let's talk about BOUNDARIES.

The word Boundaries has joined (in my opinion) the list of redundant and most misused words in the world's vocabulary. Yes, I believe in establishing them just as much as kids believe in Santa Claus. I also believe that people's misuse of this word has created a level of complacency. Well... that’s one of my takes on this boundary thing. Don't get me wrong- I give the word respect and have set some of my own.

You may wonder what boundaries a stylist needs to establish in the salon. Well I'll tell you- we have had to set some for our own mental health, and here are just a few:

There is no way you can go to a doctor's office and tell him or her what to do, however, you can share your concerns, with the hope that they will be able to either immediately diagnose you or suggest your next step…. The same goes for stylists, and at N we have created a process to assist you. For example, for our newbies to book an appointment they have to first do an assessment, and from there, the necessary steps are taken to pair them with the right stylist. We do this to create the best experience for the client and the stylist.

We don't only set boundaries with our clients, though. We also set them stylist to stylist. This one is a little tricky but we have found ways to make it work. Our Master Stylists are always on hand to help our Junior and newer stylists. We value everyone's opinion and we have established a level of respect due to one's expertise. This allows us to promote stylists' individual creativity, while maintaining amazing quality. We understand that teamwork makes for a great client experience, and if you are a regular you may have been witness to this.

These are just a few of the Boundaries we have established at N. For more on Boundary setting stay tuned for Next week's blog …..

- Carissa ( The Dr)

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