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Choosing The Right Hair For Your Protective Style

So you’ve booked your appointment or are looking into booking an appointment, and you’re not sure what hair to purchase. Here at N Natural Hair Studio, we provide the service but we don’t provide the hair. All of our clients getting services with extensions must arrive with the hair in tow- unless you’re getting goddess locs- in which case you need to have the hair sent to us before your appointment so we can prep it for service. With that being said, let’s jump into what type of hair we suggest you bring for what services.

PLEASE NOTE: When it comes to crochet hair you will need to decide on the texture. We do not install ANY straight hair.

Feed In Cornrows: Pre-stretched hair is preferred, but not necessary. For this style, any kanekalon hair will get the job done.

Knotless Braids: Pre-Stretched hair ONLY. We have our brand preference, but if you’re unable to find it, the only requirement is that the hair is pre-stretched. This takes hours off of the service time and since we charge by the hour, it is also a benefit to you to purchase pre-stretched hair.

Spring Twists: It’s best to get this on Amazon.

Outside of it being the most economical, they also send you enough hair to complete your whole head leaving the guessing game out of how many packs to purchase. The only thing you’d need to think of is what color to choose.

Goddess Braids: Synthetic Kanekalon hair that is NOT PRE-STRETCHED. This is our preferred brand but any brand will sufficed.

Passion Twists: Another simple purchase. Similar to spring twists, you can go on Amazon and just put in ‘passion twist hair.’ They always send you enough to complete your whole head. All you have to do is decide on the color you prefer. Order our preferred brand here

Marley Twists: It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Marley twists require Marley hair. Nowadays, you may not see Marley hair on the label- as we believe Bob Marley's estate sued somebody and now that name is removed from much of the packaging- but, if you enter a beauty supply store and ask for Marley hair, they will know where to direct you.

Below are our preferred brands: the same hair that we use for flat twist up-dos. However, if you’re unable to find our preferred brands, simply send us a picture of the hair you plan to bring in so we can pre-approve it before your arrival.

Flat Twist Up-Do: Flat Twist up-dos, oh how we love them; let us count the ways. For flat twist up-dos with extensions, we use very textured extension hair. If you have a bit of a looser curl pattern you may want to lean towards a looser extension than marley hair, but a textured extension all the same. If you’re unable to find our preferred brands, you’ll need to submit a picture for us to pre-approve it before your appointment.

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