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Entering the Loc Journey- The Basics

Hey guys. It's Carissa.

This week, we will dive into a few questions and possible answers that may help those that have locs or those still undecided. I say just do it, the BEST decision you would ever make, trust me. It has been for me hence the reason I am on my fourth set. YES, 4th and believe it, combed them out every time…. that's a thing, they are not permanent and even though it was a tedious process for me…. it was better than cutting all my hair off.

For the debater, just a little push into the loc life. In today's world there are so many ways to begin your loc journey, it's actually based on your preference. You can either begin with two strands, coils, extensions or instant locs. And NO you don't have to cut your hair off to begin your journey. Just a little 411 both two strands and coils allow you the privilege of seeing the amazing transformation of your hair. Where Extensions and

insta-locs can be done either by backcombing or crochet, which gives you the immediate loc look. Another thing to consider is how you would want your parts, either diamond, brick or turtle shell ( that's what I call them ) or just free form. Honestly it's all about YOU.

For those of us who have locs and are enjoying the journey, there may be a few questions. 1. Trimming --Should locs be trimmed, yes indeed. As your locs mature they tend to feather, this can be as a result of texture or longevity. However, if you choose to trim it can be done as frequently as you like. Those that do, are known to do it twice or once a year, but it is recommended. 2. Product--, this is a forever ongoing question, therefore, whatever you choose to use on your locs, ensure it is water dissolvable, build up is NOT our friend. 3. Color-- Get Excited,Coloring this is always fun and it can be done at the beginning of your journey or in between if you choose too. BUT, don't over process, excessive use of chemicals can damage the integrity of your locs. 4. Maintenance….To palm roll or to interlock, the choice is yours, with palm rolling, a rolling motion is used which aids in taming the frizz (neater look) and creates a rounder and fuller loc, whereas, interlocking the hair is being compacted using a crochet tool/ Latch hook and crocheting method. Again it's all about your preference. However, with interlocking your retwist tends to last longer using this method. Stay tuned for next week's Q & A as we wrap up this month LOCtober.. Have a great week and see you at the Studio. The DR.

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