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Get To Know Us- Downtown Silver Spring

So you guys already know the crew of our White Oak location. In 2020, we opened a second location and its in the lively and thrivin' Downtown Silver Spring area.

The manager is Daneen (read about her here) and her crew is Mikesha and Holly.

"Hello beautiful people ! My name is Mikesha and I am a stylist at N. I have been in the natural hair industry now for over a decade and I am loving it as if it were still my favorite hobby :0)

I enjoy the art of full-servicing beautifully rich textures of locs, coils and kinks. It’s my pleasure to put a smile on your face while helping your hair shine and bloom- giving you confidence and permission to N-JOY your natural and unique hair journey."

I'd whole-heartedly agree that its Mikesha's pleasure to put a smile on others' faces. She's so passionate about hair but even more passionate about being kind.

And now, a word from Holly:

"Can someone please come in and recommend old Disney renaissance music? Hey there, my name is Holly. Pronounced “Ollie” if you’re Caribbean. I am an April Aries, but luckily I’m not the hot headed type. I’m actually quite the opposite if you ask around.

I’m a very mellow individual up until I get to telling jokes. I am a true Aries in the aspect of if I strive for something I will ensure it becomes my reality. My luck is outrageous and I’m not quite sure where it comes from, but it’s a blessing. Life hasn’t always been this easy so I do try to make the most of each day in my own little way. I definitely encourage others to do the same. "

And there you have it. Our downtown crew. We are still adding to it, by the way, so if you enjoy the environment and have some natural hair styling abilities, give us a holler.

As always, thanks for reading up! Peace, love and shea butter.

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