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Holiday Season At N

Is it too late? Like duh, it's too late. You should have booked your appointment like YESTERDAY, but truth be told you should have 2 months ago. Appointments at N go like hot home-made bread that literally just came out the oven with room temperature butter. Hi!!! What an intro, yup. But if you have been a long standing client of ours you already know the deal, especially around the Holiday season. Here at N HeadQuarters, the phones are literally ringing off the hook, newbies are sliding in our I.G. DM’s and some even send emails. Both Tameisha and Claudia literally have the phones glued to their hips. Yes, it's that serious. The Holiday season is extremely busy.

But, don't worry, the love and commitment to both you and your hair is, and will always be, a priority. Our salon space for many is one that takes you down memory lane, whether it be the music, aroma or simple motion of our fingers taking you back to that grandma moment. It's a whole VIBE. For us it's magical as we get to do what we love, and the entire team is together, the weekend appointments are LIT.

We are promoters of talk therapy and therefore share the mission statement of Clinical Psychologist and hairstylist Dr. Afiya Mbilishaka. Her organization's PsychoHairapy’s mission is “ to connect our community to the mental health support they deserve and desire surrounding their hair care experiences.”

This Season brings about an overflow of many emotions, and we want you to know we are here for you. A few of our team members are Psychohairapy Certified. As promoters of talk therapy, WE got you. One of the most sacred relationships one would have in a lifetime is between them and their stylist, as TRUST is the foundation of this evolving connection.

Despite phones being glued to hips and making your appointment 2 months ago. Click here to book your next appointment you never know!

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