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How Olympia Conquered Flat Twists With Extensions

Olympia is a joy. She is very kind. She’s a nurturer. If you’re ever in her chair, she will definitely make sure that you’re always feeling good and in good spirits. Her favorite question is “Are you okay?” Olympia has been with us for almost a year. Upon arriving she’d already had some experience working and styling in a salon. She just needed us to help her tweak and perfect her craft and learn some new styles that piqued her interest.

The hair industry is so bomb to me. So innovative. There’s ALWAYS something new to learn. Be it a new, hot style or a new technique to a current style. One of those styles that was new to Olympia was flat twist with extensions! It was very important that she learned this style because it’s highly requested at N.

Flat twist with extensions are exactly what you’re probably imagining. They are flat twist done with kinky hair that we typically use for Marley twist (we’ll discuss Marley twist in a later blog). The hair is fed through while flat twisting, making it look very much like your own hair!

Olympia is a fast learner! She was taught different parting techniques and shown how much hair to use for different sized flat twist. Sometimes as stylist, we can be huge perfectionist. Being a perfectionist, it is very frustrating when we don’t get something immediately. During our slower months of January and February, Olympia took the time to put her focus on completing this style with ease. She saw models, clients at a discounted rate and even practiced on mannequin heads. After a few tears, and a lot of happy clients, Olympia is a Novice at flat twist with extensions. It takes her about 2.5- 3 hours to complete and after about 5 months I can confidently say that she’s pretty bomb at doing them. When Angela saw her work she immediately said “Those are going on your books” and Olympia enjoys doing them. It’s helped her explore her creativity and create more intricate styles.

Anyone can rock this style. It can be worn to a club in a funky Mohawk, it is definitely vacation friendly and it’s even corporate friendly. It’s also a great style for transitioning clients who aren’t quite ready for the big chop. If you take a look at the bottom you’ll see a few of Olympia’s fantastic styles.

Flat twist with extensions are considered a protective style. It is a very low maintenance style and with good at home care it can last up to four weeks.

Here’s some tips on how to care for this style at home:

◦ Spray leave-in condition a minimum of three times a week

◦ Put oil on fingertips, lightly touching hair and scalp

◦ Tie down with a satin scarf at night

You can catch Olympia at our White Oak location slaying styles 5 days a week (Wed-Sun) I suggest you hurry and make that appointment, her books are filling up quickly!!

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