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How To Shampoo Locs Vs. How To Shampoo Loose Hair

Here at N Natural Hair Studio we are well aware of the significance of self care and pampering yourself.

I’d bet my styling hands that 98% of our clients favorite part of their salon experience with us is the shampoo. Who wouldn’t want someone else to go through the process of detangling and not hurting your shoulders and arms? From the amazing smells to the tantalizing scalp massage, it’s all a mood and you’re really missing out if you haven’t experienced one of our shampoo belles.

What’s a shampoo belle? It’s the same as going to a salon and seeing a “shampoo assistant”. Shampoo belle sounds way cuter! Our shampoo belles are trained on the pre detangle and shampoo of our loose hair clients and the shampoo and herbal rinses of our locs clients. This week I’m going to tell you about the differences and similarities of our shampoo processes for loose hair and locs.

First up we have our loose hair shampoo process.

Step one is ALWAYS the pre detangle.

This step is the most important. It prevents unnecessary breakage and matting after you shampoo. We saturate your hair with warm water and apply a detangling conditioner (I’ll leave some product suggestions at the end). Using a detangling comb, we comb starting at the ends and working up to the root.

Next we apply a deep cleansing shampoo. Deep cleansing shampoos lift gunk, sweat and product buildup.

Once that is rinsed, we go in with a deep conditioning shampoo. Deep conditioning shampoos put moisture back into your cuticles, making your curls juicy.

The final step is the last detangle. This last detangle is much easier than the first, most times the comb slides through like butter. We finish things up by rinsing the hair with cool water. It’s important to rinse with cool water. Why, you ask? There are certain properties in conditioner that we need to stay in your hair, if you use warmer water, it will rinse everything out. Cool water keeps all the goodies we need in your hair.

Next on the roster is our loc shampoo.

Shampooing locs at N is a whole experience. We start you off with saturating your locs with water and then applying the same deep cleansing shampoo that we use on our loose hair clients. Deep cleansing shampoo’s are very important to locs. Locs tend to hold products and dust and sweat, deep cleansing shampoo’s penetrate the locs and breaks all of that mess up.

Just like with loose hair, the next shampoo is the deep conditioning shampoo.

Once all shampoo has been rinsed from the locs the last step is definitely a client favorite. At N we do not use cream conditioner on loc clients. Cream conditioner used on locs when rinsed out, if it is not done thoroughly some conditioner can be left in the locs. This can cause product build up, which we do not want. Instead, we use an herbal rinse. An herbal rinse is like a tea for your hair. We steep herbs in a percolator and mix the rinse with essential oils of your choice. The rinse is slowly poured over your scalp and locs and then your receive a heavenly massage and let me tell you, the smell is amazing!

Whether you have loose hair or you have locs, the shampoo experience at N will be a treat. The only differences between the two are, we do not use cream conditioner on locs and locs don’t need to be detangled. We take the same amount of care to each and we use the best products to ensure your natural hair is healthy.


Below are all of the products that we use. You can purchase these online via Instagram or or by visiting either our Uptown (formerly White Oak) or our Downtown Silver Spring location.

Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Detangling Conditioner

Deep Cleansing Shampoo by Influance

Jinsa Essentials Deep Conditioning Shampoo

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