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Let’s Speak Prosperity Over Our Crowns

When dealing with genetic forms of alopecia you may not experience hair regrowth. Fortunately for most, there is hope!

Here are some homeopathic hair growth and treatment suggestions as well as options that involve visiting a professional (trichologist or dermatologist)

Homeopathic Regrowth 

These options include lifestyle changes, OTC medications as well as suggested routines. Remember hair takes a long time to grow, have patience and speak positively :)

In some cases changing little things like your diet and managing your stress levels can make a big impact on your hair retention. 

Yoga and meditation- 

These are great ways of reducing stress, when your brain is in stress mode it starts to shut down “unnecessary” functions.  Unfortunately this includes your hair. Not only does your hair shift out of the growth phase your body will produce less melanocytes (causing grey hairs!) 

Massaging the scalp-

Believe it or not, lightly massaging your scalp with a serum or while doing a treatment can definitely improve your results. Massage movements will increase blood flow to your scalp causing your bloodstream to deliver nutrients and oxygen. 

Use your fingertips and massage your scalp or affected area in small circular motions using light to medium pressure. It’s best to massage for at least 5 mins daily. 

A moisture routine- 

Our hair thrives on moisture and consistency, having a routine that includes quality organic leave-in conditioners, cream/butter and deep conditioner. Washing your hair weekly will also give your hair the water it needs to thrive. 

To also aid in moisture retention it’s best to deep condition every 1-2 weeks after cleansing your hair.

Over the counter medications 


This supplement is 100% drug free and organic. It has options for hair loss in women, men and post-parting hair loss. This is effective in preventing further hair loss as well as reversing mild alopecia. Consistency is key!


I know you probably hear about this product a lot, it’s really used like a “one sized fits all” type of medication. It can be purchased at Walmart.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blockers- 

DHT is a hormone that affects both men and women although it’s more present in men. DHT shrinks the follicle over time causing something called miniaturization. Eventually the follicle will shrink to a point where hair can’t grow at all. 

DHT blockers are able to stop miniaturization from occurring. Most people are able to regrow their hair as long as the scalp isn’t scarred. Since DHT is still being produced by the body once you stop taking the DHT blocker there’s a chance of miniaturization occurring again. 


This is a natural hair growth supplement containing AminoMar C. AminoMar C is made up of shark and mollusk powder, organic silica and Vitamin C. Doctors suggest taking it 2x daily, you should notice results after at least 6 months. 

Herbs and such

Aloe Vera- 

Aloe Vera has lots of moisturizing properties as well as Vitamins A,C and E. These vitamins help with cell regeneration, healthy cell growth and shiny hair. 

B12 is also found in aloe vera which helps prevent your hair from falling out. 

Saw Palmetto- 

It’s derived from the American dwarf palm. Found in some products ( like nutrafol) it’s believed to help correct DHT sensitivity which reduces the chances of your follicles closing permanently. It also inhibits DHT receptors. 


aka stinging nettle helps with things like arthritis, allergies and caring for wounds. It also aids in hair growth! Nettle helps block excess DHT from being produced. It  leave your hair strong, shiny and feeling bomb! 


This plant can help build up a resistance to stress and balance the cortisol levels in your body. 

Fish Oil- 

This helps your hair regain strength and health from the inside out. Fish oil has plenty of antioxidants, nutrients and proteins. The Omega fatty acids encourage your cells to work properly and boost immunity leading to reducing hair loss. Gotta love those Omega- 3’s! 

Of course with some types of alopecia hair regrowing is not always possible but with the right treatment plan anything is possible. 

I really wish I could share a miracle product that turns back time or say that these tips will grow your hair back quickly but I can’t. Hair loss depends on lifestyle, genetics, hormones, medications, everyone is different. BUT I can say that others have tried these and have seen results. Just add a lil time, patience and prayer! 

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