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N in a Pandemic!

Life has changed for all of us due to this crazy pandemic we’re in. We were stuck in the house, while the government and scientists “figured things out”. But we won’t get into all of that. Let’s talk about the changes at N and how we handled the pandemic.

In the beginning, with one location, we had one stylist and one client in the salon at a time! If you’ve been to N on a Saturday or Sunday, you know that this was a bit rough on us. We went from having 4-5 stylist with their clients in the salon at a time. We made it work and our wonderful clients were understanding. As the numbers began to drop we were able to have four people in the salon; two stylists and two clients.

During the summer of 2020 we were blessed to open another location in Downtown Silver Spring. Who opens another salon during a pandemic?! We do! Angela had a vision. When she does, just go with it because it’s about to be bomb! Anywho, we sent out a poll to clients asking how they felt about being shampooed side by side and the results said go for it! So with COVID policies in place, such as temperature checks, washing of hands and keeping a safe distance between clients, we were able to have 8 people max. Including 5 clients, 3 stylists and a shampoo belle! Woo hoo!

Now everyone was not comfortable with coming into the salon. For some clients we offered at home services. At home you don’t get the same salon experience but we did our best to come close to it and of course the hair was fab! We even had early morning hours (8 am - 10 am) for those who were still not yet ready to be around others. During this time, thee were a max of 4 people in the salon and they were in different rooms.

We really appreciate EVERY CLIENT for keeping us afloat. For trusting that we were being safe and having safe practices. Thank you thank you to all of our N Club clients that never paused their memberships, that really helped keep the salon going.

Lastly, we bombarded you with product advertisement. All of the products used and sold in the salon are from black owned businesses! How dope is that?! Product sales really help bring in revenue and keep your hair popping in between appointments, so it’s really a win win! Be sure to stop by our product section before you check out.

As always, it’s been a pleasure sharing what we have going on at N! Continue to stay safe and we will see you at the studio.

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