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Natural Hair Wedding Styles Done By N

Hey y’all!! It’s your girl Daneen back for more wedding magic. In our last blog, we discussed how we handle our wedding process here at N Natural Hair Studio. Getting you matched and acquainted to your stylist and wedding concierge is the easy part. Trying to find the perfect style for your is the next feat. No need to fret we are here to help.

This week I’m going to be getting into some styling ideas for your day!

Every bride has her own style, preferences, hair texture and length. The great thing is there are so many stunning natural wedding hairstyles, there shouldn’t be much problems for a bride to choose something that reflects who they are.

You can really do whatever you want with your hair for your day. Think of whether you would like to be wispy and romantic or elegant and traditional- bohemian, beachy, the sky’s the limit.

One of my favorite looks is a nice sleek low bun with beautiful beaded hair pieces.

Another favorite is cornrows!

This may be a surprise to some but cornrows are so timeless and versatile. Cornrows are suitable for any length, they can be done with curls or up into a high pony. It’s simplistic components makes this style easy to pair with most dresses.

A high bun is another favorite on the list. It’s simple and stylish. It can also be modified by changing the size, texture or style of bun. You can also had some flat twist or cornrows on the side to jazz it up a bit.

Rolling and pinning natural hair in place is a simple way to create unique updos on natural hair. I’m always in awe when I see these styles created by Carissa. I’ll drop a few at the bottom.

All in all I would say that here at N we’ve got this wedding hair on lock. Stay tuned next week, when I'l be bringing you some wedding styles done on locs.

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