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The Products That Hold It All Together

Okay, so its your hair care day. You've shampooed and moisturized your hair. It's been deep conditioned with Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner. You followed that up with our favorite leave-in conditioner spray - Oyin Juices and Berries (which contain humectants and are key in retaining moisture). AND then you moisturized that fresh mane with Moisture Love's Kindred Spirits Cream.

Now you don't know what product you use to seal the style you do. Don't worry; we got you!

What's the style?

For a Wash & Go, we love Wonder Curl's line. Use their products- Curl Control Styling Lotion (a jelly textured styling product) with their Get Set Jelly to really lock in your curl definition.

How about a flat twist or two strand twist?

For this, our go to is Taliah Waahid's Lock It Up Gel. We tend to mix it with just a little of Moisture Love's cream and apply them simultaneously.

If you want a sleek look along your edges- locs and loose hair included- Joie Natural's Joie Gel is the way to go!

But- if you prefer a lighter styling product, mousse can really do the trick. Here at N, we use a local brand called Influance. Their mousse is very versatile as a styling product and can be used for just about any style. It leaves the hair smelling and feeling amazing!

We hope you guys learned something today about holding it all together LOL. All products mentioned can be purchased at N Natural Hair Studio.

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