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TO BIG CHOP OR TO CHOP . . . Is The Question.

We know a lot is going on out here in these streets since COVID-19 broad swiped us last year. It hit so fast that many of us were left in a whirl wind, and forced into this seemingly foreign community known as the Natural Hair Community!

So, whether you were forced into the Community because you couldn’t get in to see your regular stylist for that

6 – 8-week touch-up, or you thought you could do it alone since you’ve been on lockdown – let us be the first to say ‘welcome to the natural side’.

Now that you’re here . . . perhaps you’ve been grappling with whether or not you want to big chop or continue playing with the two textures that are trying to be friends on top of your head since COVID began.

Let me guess, those 2 textures are not making friends as easy as you would have hoped, are they? They’re probably fighting you more than each other, right! What’s a girl to do?

You can either BIG CHOP or CHOP.

BIG CHOP – generally an even all over cut. You will cut off all things not curly hair. This would include permed hair, broken permed hair and heat damaged hair. It sometimes includes cutting low due to unhealthy hair and because you just want a fresh start.

The BIG CHOP could leave you with a low cut – teeny weeny Afro (TWA) or a shaved boy cut if your hair has broken off in patches low to the scalp or you if have a combination of short and long patches of hair throughout your head.

CHOP – cut off all things not curly, but cut into a taper style with short sides and back, preserving length on top. This style looks more like you were going with a trendy style vs an ‘Are you ok? Why did you cut off all your hair’ look.

Also, the CHOP can be associated with escalating the transition process.

This route is usually taken by folk that:

1) realize they need to chop but not quite ready for the BIG CHOP

2) they want some length and they’re tired of fighting with the straight hair at the same time, and

3) they don’t want to take forever transitioning. With this process, you cut off a few inches, style the transitioning hair, let it grow an inch or two, then repeat. We recommend doing this process with a Curl/ Texture Hair Specialist that can help you with styles that will give you longevity, help nurture healthy new growth and offer protective style options that work best for you.

There you have it! The Natural Hair Curl and Texture Specialists are always thinking of ways to make joining us easier for you as you transition your hair and your mind. Just know – you don’t have to go it alone. We’re here for you. We’re here for all of it!

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