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Top 3 Treatments For Natural Hair Hydration and Rejuvenation

Hey y’all I’m back!! Daneen here! Your favorite loctician coming out of our Downtown Silver Spring location! This week we’re going to dive into some of the treatments that we offer at the salon, why they are a definite need and if you can’t get into the salon- I have some products and tips for you to do at least one of these treatments at home!

Our natural hair's greatest love is moisture!!! A great moisturizer is what keeps your strands bouncy, with all the good shrinkage, and can calm down some of your frizz. Your scalp is a part of your skin and needs water and moisture to thrive. Maintaining moisture in curls isn’t easy, some of the moisturizers and leave ins may not make it all the way down the spiral of your curls.

If you feel like your hair is a little dryer than usual, leave your worries at the door! I have the answers homies!

At N Natural Hair Studio we are all about keeping your curls moisturized. We offer quite a few natural hair treatments in the salon but today we’re only going to focus on the moisturizing or rejuvenating treatments . All of these treatments are done prior to your styling.

First up we have hot oil treatments. This is NOT a moisturizing treatment, but is a scalp rejuvenating one. Once your scalp and hair are clean and your hair has been detangled, your hair is towel dried and oil is applied to the scalp and massaged in to make sure it is evenly distributed. We then take a warm towel to wrap around your hair and cover with a plastic cap. Finally, you're placed under a dryer for 30 minutes. This process not only enriches the scalp but it will repair the glossiness of your hair.

This process can easily be done at home! After your shampoo and conditioning, towel dry and apply your oil to your scalp ( I recommend Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil) , sold at the studio, wrap with a warm towel and cover with a plastic cap. If you do not have a dryer at home to sit under, no worries, just sit in a steamy bathroom for 15 minutes. Once your time is up you go right into styling.

Next up we have the almighty deep conditioner. This has to be one of my favorite treatments. Especially if we’re using Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner. It leaves your curls feeling like butter and the smell…I’ve almost wanted to eat it on more than one occasion.

The process is about the same as the hot oil treatment but the deep conditioner is applied from the root to the ends of your hair and combed through. Your hair is wrapped with a towel and you are placed under a dryer or if you’re doing it at home, a streamy bathroom.

After this process the conditioner is thoroughly rinsed with cool water. You never use hot water to rinse your conditioner. Why, you ask?

There are certain properties in conditioner that need to stay in your hair. If you use hot water to rinse it will rinse all of those goodies out. Using cooler water prevents this, leaving your curls soft instead of dry and brittle after all of that work! All this water and a water-based conditioner lets you know that this is most definitely a moisturizing treatment!

Last but definitely not least is the steam treatment. The steam treatment takes your mane to a level of moisture you won't believe. This treatment is done WHILE your hair is shampooed and detangled AND/ or after he process is done. Here are the two ways it's done:

1. Your conditioner is left on and unlike the hot oil and deep conditioner, you are placed under our steamer without a towel or plastic cap. This allows the steam to penetrate your cuticles on your hair strand. This helps improve moisture balance in your hair. It also can help prevent breakage. Keeping your hair from being dry and brittle hair breaks but coming in for a steam treatment can definitely help.

2. Our mist steamer runs throughout the entirety of your shampoo process- from start to end and is penetrating your hair for a full hour! 30 minutes during the shampoo and then for 30 more minutes with a deep conditioner in your hair.

Retaining moisture in our natural hair can be a headache but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got all of the answers AND products to keep your curls poppin!! Just click THIS BOOK BUTTON & choose one of our fabulous locations and stylists. You can click THIS SHOP BUTTON and head over to our online product store and pick up some of those products I suggested and try these treatments at home!

Hope to see you in the salon soon. Until next week…

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