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Traumatic Salon Experiences: Client POV

Have you ever been to a salon and the experience was so traumatic that you decided not to go back… to ANY

salon… for YEARS !?

If so, you’re not alone. But we’re not even here to just talk about the most extreme experiences, we’re here to even discuss the subtle traumatic experiences that take place at salons that many may over look or accept as normal.

Trauma - a deeply disturbing or distressing experience

We know all too well the pain points of booking a salon service which is probably why we’ve gotten so good at booking your salon services. But more about healing through healthy experiences later on this month. Let’s delve into experiences that you may not have even realized have affected how you “salon.”

Spending 8+ hours in a salon : When you show up for a routine service that should take 3 hours but because of bad scheduling on your stylists part you’re there the whole day. Clients subtly display this past traumatic experience by showing up to their hair appointments with several books. It's as if they’ve prepared their mind and schedule to be in the salon all day.

Please note: most of our clients are out of the salon within 1.5 hours. Styles like the ones below were done in that time frame.

Most of our extension clients are out of the salon within 3 hours. Both times averages INCLUDE the time it takes to shampoo. An example of a style that can be done in 3 hours at our salon is pictured below.

Getting tight hair styles that causes headaches: In the past, clients have heard the old adage “Beauty is Pain.” And many took this quite literally. Leaving braiding salons as they hold their head in pain or eyes look as if they’ve been pulled up at the corners. Popping Advil and Aleve pills as part of the normal hair braiding routine. Clients show they’ve experienced this type of trauma by mentioning things like “I’m ready for my appt. I took an Advil before coming.”

Please Note: You don’t have to do that here at N. We promote careful hair care and styling practices that allow for our clients to experience beautiful hairstyles sans the pain.

Showing up on time for a stylist who is perpetually late: This may not seem traumatic and for some it’s not. But for others this experience causes them absolute anxiety when booking with an appointment with a new salon.

This is displayed in two ways.

1. A client calling repeatedly to make sure their stylist is there or asking if there is a protocol in place for if they show up and their stylist is not there.

2. A new client being surprised and the meowing us praises for starting their services on time.

Please Note: At N, it is the norm for your services to start on time. And IF we so happen to start you late we take off from your services.

Being quoted one price and then being charged a totally different price when it’s time to leave: We’ve heard this story about clients' experiences many times. And honestly, we can’t speak for the salons that have caused you this unwanted surprise. But we do understand planning for a service. Budgeting for a service. And even being stunned when your planned, budgeted service is completely thrown off.

At N, we charge based on time. There’s no question as to where your final price came from. You’re told upfront how much we charge per hour and you are able to clock your service quite easily yourself (though you don’t have to because we literally use timers to clock your service ourselves.)

Walking through a salon door and seeing a stylist who knows nothing about your hair texture: This experience can go wrong is soooo many directions. Clients have gone through stylists using a rat tail comb to attempt to detangle their hair. Clients have been encouraged to get a relaxer or texturizer to make their hair more manageable. And worst of all… clients have experienced having their hair styled using products like RedKen only to walk out with a style that doesn’t look much like a “style” at all.

These are some of the products we use and sell at N. Products made for us and by us. High quality, natural ingredients that promote hair health.

Please Note: All day long our hands are immersed in coily-kinky-curly hair. This is what we do. We see thousands of textures every year and our products and styling techniques are for these textures specifically.

Previous Salon Traumatic Experiences are a thing. We do our best to make sure your visit with us doesn’t enter this category.

Give us a call or shoot us a text at 301-910-4247 to book an appt.

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