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What are Marley Twists?

Marley twists are individual twist extensions done using a specific type of hair called Marley hair. Though it’s difficult to find hair that actually says “Marley” hair on the packaging, you’ll find it in the description of the product when purchasing online.

Legend has it that companies had to do away with using the word “Marley” because of the threat of a lawsuit by a popular estate that bares the same name. But we’ve never found any evidence to back this, hence us saying “legend has it.”

Marley twists have been one of the most popular extension styles at our salon for about 5 years now. Other twists styles have popped up along the way but Marleys seem to be holding steady. We predict they will fall off of their top tier shelf of popularity within two years though.

For now let’s delve into why this style is so popular

Marleys are an awesome extensions style for a few reasons.

1. They look like our hair so they have a natural feel and look about them.

2. They age well. Because they match our texture so well as they grow out they don’t look fuzzy and old they continue to blend in with your hair.

3. They’re great for the beach. Marley twists can stand the water. With these twists you can jump in and out of the pool during the day and go to dinner at night. The twists remain fabulous even after being drenched in H2O.

4. They’re quick to install. On average, Marleys take us two hours to install. That’s a two hour time investment on a style that will allow for you to just wake up and go for 6 weeks!

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