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What do you mean Natural hair isn’t professional or red carpet ready?!

Are we STILL having this conversation?

Ok, let's get into it.

This rhetoric has been an offbeat song in many of our ears.

Perhaps, from our corporate gigs, the Military and Police /EMT.

They share similar rules and regulations when it comes to natural hair.

On a micro level, we have heard the same offbeat song from our elders, mothers, aunties, and grandmothers.

Pressed/straight hair was the to-go for prom, weddings, homecoming, and any special event.

For decades, special events and silk presses have stayed in the same lane.

Of course, to maintain this unnatural state for our hair, we doubled up with quarterly chemical straighteners.

The agony! We don't have to live like this guy!!!

Well, I am here to challenge this old paradigm and prove everyone wrong!

Natural hair CAN be styled with elegance and fun, for any occasion!

Over the years, the natural hair industry has taken major leaps in all areas. From thoughtfully made products to mesmerizing hairstyles some stylists can achieve with their eyes closed.

There are ways to style any hair type and texture in a manner that is appropriate for the occasion.

I have had the honor of styling clients from all career backgrounds. Corporate professionals, artists, medical professionals, military, and police. In the early days of my styling career, I had a hard time convincing clients that their natural hair and preferred styles were deemed professional. Styling came naturally to me but convincing my clients did not.

For years, black women have heard negative things about our hair and have been the butt of many hair jokes. No wonder it became hard to see the true beauty of our hair.


In recent years, with a focus on self-love, and the passing of The Crown Act, black women have been embracing our natural tresses, coils, and kinks. Courageously rekindling the love.

We have seen power suits paired with flat twist updos and ball gowns paired with free-form locs. What a beautiful sight! The style choices are limitless, there is one for every occasion, profession, and event.


We do it big when it comes to weddings at N. It's one of our favorites!!

We offer bridal packages that take care of your styling needs on our special day.

Our team consists of Master and Experienced stylists who can duplicate most styles you may have found scrolling on Pinterest.


In conclusion, learn to love those curls, coils, and kinks

as they are. Hold space for styling for events and careers without changing the chemistry or porosity of your hair.

There are many stigmas around natural hair. What year are we in again?

It's time to unlearn some things and rock your crown with confidence!

Until next week Curlfriends.

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