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Winterize Your Hair - Products

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘Winterize’?

You can think of insulate. Layers. Keep warm. Keep air out! Keep moist.

It’s funny that we’re talking about winterizing your hair when what we really want to say is "curl friend, you gonna really need to do what we’ve been telling you all summer long!”

This might sound like we’ve pressed the ‘repeat button’ and maybe we have. So, we’re here say it again just in case you didn’t hear us! Winterizing your hair simply means to protect it from drying out. [Pretty much the same thing we told you for getting your curls summer ready.] The truth of the matter is - - our curls will always and forever need water - moisture. We have thirsty curls and how do you best satisfy a thirst - - with some water.

First things first, your product arsenal should always include water. Water comes in many options for the curly hair nation. Water is water, good ole H2o. Water is your liquid leave in conditioner. We at N particularly love Oyin Handmade's Juices & Berries and Alikay Natural's Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner. Water is your homemade leave in that can have oils / essential oils / herbs. And again - water is plain and simple water. Water is even rain - - lol. We have to over-stress this because we’ve been taught to stay away from water. But we want to re-introduce you to your hair’s first love – water!

Your challenge is going to be keeping in the water.

Well, hate to burst your bubble, but nobody has the patent on that. You’ll need to re-up your water. Just like we do when our bodies are thirsty – we grab a bottle of water. How do you know when to water your hair? Glad you asked. Listen to your curls, they talk, sometimes even scream – "I’m thirsty! I want some water." If your hair / curls / locs feel dry, it’s a good chance they are. Give them some water – mist them, spritz them, sprinkle them / shampoo them.

Depending on the style you’re rocking, you can mist your hair throughout the week then follow with a little oil (We love Alikay Natural'S Essential 17 Oil, pictured above) or cream (Our produvt of choice- Moisture Love's Kindred Spirits cream) to help hold the water in for a few days.

Errr, scratch – REPEAT.

1st – mist with water;

2nd – apply (seal) lightly your choice of oil / cream / butter.

Ultimately, you’ll need to either mist periodically or shampoo regularly. We shampoo to prevent product build up. We mist to restore / revive the curls / hair strands / locs.

That’s it. That simple. That’s what we’re telling you this week. Buuuuuuut,

If you feel like your hair is feeling neglected, needs some attention or a reset, we’ve got you. Make an apt now – text us at 301-910-HAIR to meet your curly hair specialist that’s ready to treat your curls with some TLC. We have all kinds of water treats for your curls – starting with our bi-level shampoo process and conditioner for loose curls or herbal rinse for locfriends. Click on over to spy our menu, get into a hydration system that will best show some love to your curly hair!

Look to see you soon – winterized or not – we have something for everyone!

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