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Winterize Your Hair - Protective Styles

Hey guys. Let’s talk protective styles!

Our hair experiences all types of changes in the Winter- from indoor heat, outdoor cold dry winds, hats, scarves, etc. One way to avoid dry, brittle hair (which all these changes in the element may cause) is protective styling. A protective style is any style in which your ends are tucked away.

Some examples of protective styles are:

Just to name a few...

When wearing protective styles that are enhanced by extensions, it’s really important to

keep your hair moisturized.... as synthetic hair can be VERY harsh and drying on your natural hair. You can do so by spraying your scalp and down the shaft of your protective style with leave-in-conditioner AND oiling your scalp every two to three days. Lastly, you'll want to make sure to wrap your hair with a satin scarf at night! This will do wonders for length retention.

Thanks for reading. Stay warm!

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