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You know that’s a Myth right?!

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Hey Curlfriends!! I’m back for another month of the good stuff. This month, we’ll get into some of the crazy myths surrounding natural hair. First up…Does natural hair maintenance come with a higher price tag than chemically treated hair? I’d say no, and here is why.

With natural hair, there are fewer trips to the salon and surely, less time spent in the salon. We have all been there (if you used to be addicted to the creamy crack) you were most likely dishing out upwards of $200 per visit, every two weeks. That’s $400 a month! Not including treatment options, trims, color treatments, and haircuts (a haircut alone can cost $200). With natural hair, styles such as two-strand twist. can last you two to three weeks and then can be twisted out and worn for another week! At N, with us having Junior, Experienced, and Master stylists you can choose from our 3-tier pricing and can pay as low as $100 a month for a style. That’s $300 in your pockets that can be used for more pressing things....... like shoes!


D.I.Y Hair Products

Yep, that’s right, chemically treated straighties cannot do this – without risking your hair or even worse, having a serious chemical reaction during production. Maintaining natural hair means we can make our hair care products from whatever we desire. At times the leftovers of whatever veggie or herb didn’t get used in last night’s dinner recipe! Talk about living green!

With practice, anyone can do their own hair, and well! OK, so, I did my hair when I had chemically straightened hair as well, but only to a certain extent. I couldn’t straighten my hair any more than the chemicals or my flat iron already had, nor could I ever replicate the style with which I left the salon. At N, we offer many classes teaching you how to manage your hair maintenance and styling at home. This can save you a ton of money! Styling your natural hair can be time-consuming and may cause your arms to ache. Coming up with a routine can help. Making sure you have all other the right products and combs will make life much easier.


A visit to N is truly VIBE. You will experience great customer service, and great conversations, not to mention, that we are known for having folks in and OUT. We don't even have a waiting area! With all of these valid points, you have no choice but to come in and treat yo self!

That’s one myth debunked!! Follow us next week for more!

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