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Your Spring Style Guide

Hey y’all!! Your favorite blogger Daneen here. If you don’t know by now, I am a master stylist annnnd salon manager for our fabulous Downtown Silver Spring location! Have you seen our revamp yet? If not, you should really come see the changes!

After a brutal winter! Okay, it wasn’t that bad. Spring is finally here but it hasn’t sprung yet! Spring is having a battle with winter and winter is not backing down. While they battle it out let’s get you ready for the spring with 2022 hottest styles, how to choose the best style for you and how to care for them at home.

First up on the list are Marley Twists.

I know, I know, we’re always bigging up Marley Twists but they have become a timeless style. Like box braids and knotless braids I think Marley Twists are here for the long haul. Marleys are the perfect protective style. They’re great for traveling. You can definitely go for a dip in the ocean and not worry about if they’ll still be in tact. Marley Twist are also great if you have an active lifestyle. No worries of sweating these out. Just workout as you normally would. At home care for Marley Twist is pretty simple. All you need is a good leave in conditioner and a light oil. I’d recommend Oyin Handmade's Juices and Berries for your leave in and one of our client favorite Jinsa Essentials for your oil. Either of these can be purchased from our store. I always tell clients to put their leave in and oil next to their toothpaste and toothbrush as a way of remembering to moisturize. Every 2-3 days mist your scalp and shaft of the twist with both the leave in and oil and always remember to cover your hair when you sleep.

Next up we have two strand twists!

Now, two strands can be worn allll year long but there was just no way I could leave this client favorite/go-to off of the list. Two strand twists are a basic style with loads of potential and personality. It’s also a quick style and something you can do yourself at home. They are really versatile and create a really beautiful texture in natural hair. The great thing about this style is the twists can be left in for a long time. And once they are removed, you can rock a beautiful twist out. Anyone can wear two strand twist, from a toddler to someone in the boardroom. They can be made to look fun and playful and can be pinned up for an elegant night out. Like Marley Twist, two strands are very basic as far as at home care goes. Just moisturize with leave in and oil and make sure you’re wearing your satin bonnet or scarf at night.

Last on the list is the wash n go.

Wash n gos have slowly become one of the styles I’ll name when asked “what’s your favorite style to do”. It’s not as simple as washing your hair and leaving the house but it’s not very difficult. Wash n go’s are achieved with lots of water and by layering different products -it could be a mousse, cream, or gel- onto the hair to define your natural curl pattern. I really love to do wash n go’s on clients because literally every time it is complete, the style looks totally different than the last person who did a wash n go. Seeing how different curl patterns react to different products is pretty cool to me. Do I sound like a hair geek?? I sort of am. Wash n go’s can be worn for pretty much any lifestyle. If you’re in the office everyday or even if you’re a fitness lover wash n go’s are your friend. Like Marley Twist and Two Strand Twist, Wash n Go’s are pretty easy to care for at home. Just mist with water and leave-in conditioner every one to two days and fluff with your fingers and make sure you’re covering it with a bonnet at night. If you’ve never had one because you think your hair can’t achieve the look or you just haven’t made your way to the salon. I really suggest you get on or Junior Stylist Corey’s books, as he is the wash n go guru! You can catch Corey at our Downtown Silver Spring location.

Well guys that’s all for this week. I’m sure I’ll have more tips and styles for you in the weeks to come. See you next week for more of my juicy hair tips!

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