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A dead cat. A hanging bra. And a naked homeless man.

It's always interesting when crazy things are happening and you try to keep them a secret but some how, some way people find out anyway. Well, this past week has proven that N is no different than the rest of the world.


First off, we serviced more clients last month than in the history of N, but we literally can't hold anymore clients in the salon on Saturdays. So for the next few Saturdays you can also book to see us in Baltimore.

Click here to book for Baltimore on a Saturday


Secondly, our hands-on classes are back like they never left. On Saturday, April 28th learn how to Flat Twist like a pro. For just $50 gain a skill that will last you a lifetime.

Click here to flat twist like a pro!


Thirdly, our N Club is popping this month. April is all about moisture and we were even crazy enough to add a marley bun to the mix. Join the N club today to get access to this style for just $50 a month. (PLEASE NOTE: The marley style is an additional $30)

Click here to join the cool kids over at The N Club


Oh and if you were wondering about our title, that would be crazy if those had anything to do with us right. Yea, lucky for us they have nothing to do with us. We just thought it'd make an interesting title. Thanks for reading!


We’ll see you at the studio this week,

PEACE LOVE, & Shea Butter!

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