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Image by Andra C Taylor Jr

 Community Engagement Manager

Do you love working with people? Imagine waking up and your sole job being talking to people, writing to people and putting on intimate events. If that made you smile, this job is for you!


Ok so boom!

Imagine waking up and your sole job being talking to people, writing to people, and putting on intimate events. 

If that just made you cringe and want to hide, this role is not for you. If reading that made you smile and your heart skip a beat, welcome home. We’ve been looking for you. 

This gig is intended to gradually transition into a part-time role followed by a full-time role within 6 months. Here’s the deal:

We’re an innovative textured hair salon on the cusp of a boom. In preparation for what’s to come long-standing team members will be shifting into other roles and we want to make sure we keep our current and future audiences engaged. That’s where you come in.

In the beginning, you’ll just dip your toe in to get to know our audience better, and within six months we expect you to be diving into the deep end with ideas and execution. 

We believe you need the following traits to not only thrive at this job but to enjoy it. (Joy being a huge part of our salon culture):

  • introverted extrovert: sounds crazy but ITKYK. You gotta love meeting and connecting with new people. While steadfastly seeking refuge after too much interaction to recharge. It’s in these quiet times your creative genius whispers to you and you’re in flow

  • dynamic personality: Do people often meet you and want to hang out again? Are you that person at a party who can talk to anybody about anything?

  • Well-Rounded Education: this has nothing to do with degrees. This is all about what you spend educating yourself on in your spare time. Books. Podcasts. Videos. Friends.  

  • Kind: Are you thoughtful? A great gift giver? The ultimate host? Do you often put a smile on people’s faces?

  • Self-care connoisseur: Do you take time to care for yourself? Do you not only understand but live the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” 

If you can relate to at least three of the above, READ ON. 

Here’s what the job will entail:

  1. Building and Managing Listserves: Work closely with our copywriter and head of marketing to build and manage our listserves.  Different segments of our community, include general clients, models interested in discounted services, and members of our N Club. You’d need to make sure our emails are engaging and valuable to our clients while increasing the number of subscribers. 

  2. Developing Text Message Campaigns: You would also oversee the creation and management of text message campaigns to keep our community informed and engaged. Particularly for time-sensitive announcements or offers along with our daily text message hair tips. 

  3. Model Community Coordination: This part of the role involves managing a database of individuals interested in receiving discounted services for being models for in-house training and stylist evaluations. As our Community Engagement Manager, you would organize these opportunities, match models with stylist needs and keep this community engaged and looking out for the next opportunity. 

  4. N Club Membership Engagement:  You will be tasked with building and nurturing the community around our salon's subscription service. This includes ensuring subscribers receive regular updates, and exclusive offers, are reminded to use their membership, and feel part of a valued community.

  5. Feedback and Analytics: A crucial part of your role will also involve gathering feedback from these various groups to improve services and community engagement strategies, as well as tracking the success of different initiatives through analytics.

  6. Event Coordination: Although not mentioned, this role could also include organizing in-person or virtual events for community members to foster stronger bonds and loyalty to your brand.

  7. Education Listserv: We have monthly classes for our clients. We want to keep them engaged and reinforce the hair lessons they learned while in our class.

Here’s a few experiences/skills we’re looking for:

  • strong communication skills

  • experience in marketing or community management

  • a good understanding of salon culture and our customer base

What’s the pay?

  • This will be a part-time gig of about 5 - 7 hours a week.

  • Month 1: $500; Month 2 + 3: $600

How to Apply:

Do NOT send us your resume. We’d like to read your application project blindly. Read below and send your final write-up to 

Below is the avatar for two of our ideal clients. 

  1. Kianna- black woman, 27-42, single, income $80K, masters degree, fashion-forward, into pampering herself, well read, goes to the gym, eats out 5 days a week, brunch on the weekend, currently online dating, travel is on the menu twice a year minimum, hip hop lover, sneakerhead, red bottoms, expensive perfumes 

  2. Afiya- Black woman, 27 - 42, married w/ kids, combined household income of $150K, bachelors or PhD, stay-at-home mom, treats herself to two monthly pampering services hair + nails, neo-soul, loves to cook, grocery shops weekly, goes for runs, takes yoga when she can, prefers oils over perfumes, flats all day even…. Hiking shoes and clothes are forever in the category of comfortable 

Create a community engagement plan for our models listserv. This is our email list of clients who are open to being models for discounted services. We have a potential new stylist entering the last stages of hiring that involves styling a live model. They can get two-strand twists or loc grooming for $95 as opposed to our regular pricing of $135-$225. 

Your plan should include:

  • how you’d go about getting the word out there about this opportunity to increase the pool of models to choose from. We have Instagram with 19.9K followers, an email listserv with 8K members, and a text listserv with 3K contacts.

  • one email you’d send out to get models to sign up

  • a confirmation email to the chosen model(s)

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