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Experienced Stylist

This position is for the stylist looking for consistency and to join a team of stylists. You should have at least 1 year of salon experience and be an experienced loctician, braider, and/or curly hair expert stylist.


Only an experienced stylist will understand the frustration with the next sentence.


“Hi, I need to cancel.”


Do you have a salon suite but want out? Or you work from home but want to start styling amongst a team of people? Tired of clients canceling or talking to a potential client for 15 minutes only for them to end up not booking an appointment? Are you ready to leave the unpredictability behind and focus on what you love?


Welcome to N, a revolutionary salon concept focused on fostering creativity, community, and lasting relationships among stylists. At N, we understand the challenges you face—from last-minute cancellations to the hassle of marketing and booking appointments. That's why we've created a space where you can thrive professionally without the administrative burdens. We aren’t just teaching stylists hair care and new styling skills, we are giving you the tools to build a real career.


Join us and enjoy:

  • Stable Hourly Pay: Earn a consistent income, regardless of client appointments.

  • Rewards for Loyalty: Enjoy PTO, insurance, and other perks after your first year.

  • Supportive Staff: Benefit from our dedicated booking team, shampoo assistants, and HR support.

We're looking for experienced locticians, braiders, and/or curly hair expert stylists with:

  • A minimum of 3 years styling experience as a loctician, braider, or curly hair expert stylist. We do not consider straightening textured hair as experience towards being a curly hair expert.

  • A minimum of 2 years salon experience. 

  • Proficiency in at least one of the following services: knotless braids, Marley twists, two-strand twists, loc grooming, curly cuts, or microlocs.

  • Have a passion for people and their individual stories

  • Enjoy working on a team or is looking for a team-centered environment

Upon joining N, regardless of your background, you’ll go through our three-month stylist program that brings you up to speed on hair care practices, hair styling techniques, and our team culture. Our unique application process ensures respect for your time and ours. 


After applying on Indeed:

  1. Email your resume and portfolio to:

  2. Participate in our structured interview process, designed to get to know you and your skills. 

    • Written interview: Completed as part of your application package

    • Phone interview: This is a surprise interview, we will not warn you about this call. It is set up for us to get to talk to you quickly to see if we can set up a five-minute Zoom interview.

    • 5-minute Zoom interview: This is a brief interview with HR to set you apart from all the other applicants to see if we can move you forward to a panel interview with other stylists on the team.

    • 10-minute Zoom panel interview: This panel interview is set up to meet a minimum of two people on the team. It’s an open forum for them to ask you questions and for you to ask them questions

    • In-person styling stage: This is an in-salon visit for us to see you in our environment and get to see you interacting with clients while styling hair.

This position pays a sign-on bonus at the end of your 3-month probationary period.


Good Luck! We hope to see you at the salon soon.

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