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Winterize Your Hair - Treatments

Hey Curlfriends!

PSA: During the Winter Months, moisture is key in maintaining soft, healthy, strong hair.

Your hair requires the most TLC during this cold, brittle season. AND your prep should begin BEFORE it starts. One way to maximize on the moisture and nutrients your hair needs is TREATMENTS!

Below is a list of a few of the treatments we offer here at N Natural Hair Studio.

Honey Treatment: Honey is one of the few natural forms of moisture! Haha, it's not just used to sweeten our cups of tea. When used in conjunction with a deep conditioner, it helps to retain moisture!

Micro- Mister: I call it the “Alien machine” (you have to see it to understand) *chuckles* , but it's actually a cool gadget and the red light adds some theatrical flair. The name says it all- and both your hair and hair cuticles will be doing a happy dance. The Mist allows the cuticle layers to open, thus allowing hair products to penetrate your strands and achieve long-lasting moisture.

Hot Oil: This treatment helps seal the hair cuticle. When moisture has been added to the hair follicles using deep conditioning treatments, leave-in conditioners, and styling creams; a hot oil treatment holds all that moisture in. This treatment also helps with brittle hair, while aiding in the repair of split ends.

Deep conditioner: This conditioner is thicker/ heavier in consistency than regular conditioner. With the aid of heat, this treatment penetrates the hair shaft and offers moisture and shine restoration.

So hang with us as we prepare you to Winterize your Hair this season. There's lots to come- treatments are only the first step! Stay Moisturized.

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